If you enjoy decorating trees, placing ornaments, listening to Christmas carols, watching families “ooh” and “aah” at thousands of holiday lights and displays, and most importantly, helping hungry families during the Holiday Season, then join Rotary Winter Wonderland.

Volunteers are needed for the set up process that begins October 14, 2017 and goes until November 4th. When Winter Wonderland ends on December 31st, help is also needed to take down lights and displays. In appreciation for your participation, find out how your non-profit organizations can be recognized with a lighted sign prominently displayed on the outer fence of the park.

Volunteers are also needed during the nights Rotary Winter Wonderland is open to greet visitors, accept donations, and more. Please see tab labeled 2016 Collection nights to see a list of available dates.

If you are interested in becoming involved in this project or have any other questions, please contact Jenny King and Danielle Nystrom at volunteerrww@gmail.com or on Danielle’s cell phone at 715-316-8009.


Weekends throughout the Winter Wonderland Season will include a live nativity and choir or caroling performances, provided by the generous volunteers of area churches and civic groups.

If you would like to sign up your organization or group for the live nativity, or request more information, please contact Danielle & Jenny at volunteerrww@gmail.com 

Below is a list of open dates and groups already signed up for the live nativity.

Date Organization Time
Fri. Nov 24  Sacred Heart Corpus Christi  6-8pm
Sat. Nov 25
Sun. Nov 26
Fri. Dec 1  Trinity Lutheran Church Pioneers  6-8pm
Sat. Dec 2
Sun. Dec 3
Fri. Dec. 8
Sat. Dec 9
Sun. Dec 10
Fri. Dec 15
Sat. Dec 16
Sun. Dec 17
Fri. Dec 22
Sat. Dec 23
Sun. Dec 24
Fri. Dec 29
Sat. Dec 30
Sun. Dec 31

If you would like to sign up you organization or group for a choir performance or caroling, or request more information, please contact Danielle Nystrom at volunteerrww@gmail.com

Winter Wonderland could not survive without the continued support we receive from the Marshfield Area Special Olympics. Each year in February and March over many weekends, the Special Olympians sort, test and wrap our lights and extension cords for the next year.

This is a huge undertaking to handle over 1,000,000 lights and we are so very grateful for their continued support. Their hard work allows Special Olympics to enjoy the lights when they are in the Zoo the following year and know that they are helping give back to the community by preparing for next year’s event.

Marshfield High School Computer Science students developed the “Light Rhapsody” light show you see in the center of the Zoo. Students utilize this service project to enhance their computational thinking skills, employing critical problem solving skills with the power of computing. This year we have over 50 songs developed by MHS students. This is a long way from the 3 songs we first learned to program in the early years of Winter Wonderland!

Each student chooses a song to automate and is given several hours to practice and improve their algorithmic thinking while gaining confidence in dealing with complexity, tolerance for ambiguity, and the ability to communicate and work with others to achieve a common goal or solution. The display has over 300 different light channels that need to be programmed for every second of the song. This is a tremendous amount of work and we are so happy to have them on our team.

The great people at ODC also help with the sorting, testing and wrapping of lights for next year’s event. In February and March we drop off totes filled with last year’s lights. They sort through all of the items and return the totes of lights ready to go for next season. We are so happy and appreciative of all their hard work.